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Personal Statement and Essay Reading Service

Writing admissions/application essays, expressing your reason for wanting to go to medical school or choose a certain residency program is difficult. Compressing hours and years of dedication into the character limit without boring your audience or coming off as a pretentious jerk is an art.

Revealing your personal sentiments to a third-party can be embarrassing, but it is necessary. Every writer needs someone who has not been buried in their work to review what they have written.

This is why is offering a FREE personal statement reading service. There is no catch or essay-stealing involved!

The individual submitting a personal statement via (“You”) must understand, agree to, and adhere to the terms of the reading service.

Also please review the terms of the website and the disclaimer; you must adhere to these terms and this disclaimer when you are using the personal statement reader service.

You must submit your file in a Microsoft Word Document form, a .doc or .docx file type. is providing a free service that aims to survey your personal statement for a cohesive sense of purpose, to repair any grammatical errors, and to provide feedback on the general effect and flow of your statement.

I want to help you!

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact at my Contact Page.

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