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Pregnant & Premed: The First Trimester

Just one year ago I would never have imagined that I would be here, but here I am. Looking online, I’ve found very few other premeds to be in the same situation as me. I hope that my experience can provide hope and comfort to someone who feels equally lost. These are the challenges I […]

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  At the end of June I left for my trip to India which lasted 3 weeks and included our second wedding! We flew into Mumbai and then my mom and I took an early morning flight to New Delhi where we were later joined by my Dad. *all of the pictures can be enlarged […]

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Countdown to the Postbac

A long time has passed since I’ve felt I’ve been at my best: my academic best, that is. Because of this, I’m nervous about starting this postbac. There are 25 days until I will be sitting in graduate school for the first time. I’m sure once the program starts I won’t have this same trepidation; […]

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What is a Premed Postbac Program?

  If you recently decided to apply to medical school and have not taken any of the prerequisite courses required for admission or if you already took the prerequisites and did poorly or if you already applied to medical school, but have been rejected and have a low GPA and/or low MCAT score, then a […]

My Premed Gap Year

  Being rejected from every medical school to which I had applied was not very surprising. Considering my low GPA, I was expecting it. You can read my stats and why I was rejected: here. You can see to which schools I applied, when, and when they replied: here. I didn’t shed any tears over […]

Stanford School of Medicine

Programs Offered MD MD/PhD MD/MPH MD/MBA MD/JD MD/MS MD/MA Education E-IPER MD/MPP Location: Stanford, California Curriculum: Stanford has an integrated curriculum that offers scholarly concentrations. Students are also paired with a faculty mentor as part of the Educators-4-Care program. Entering Class of 2012 Class Size 92 (53 OOS) Applicants 6810 Interviewed 451 GPA 3.9 sGPA […]

Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Programs Offered MD MD/PhD Location: Loma Linda, California Entering Class of 2012 Class Size 168 (86 OOS) Applicants 5217 Interviewed 396 GPA 3.75 sGPA 3.70 MCAT 30 (10/10/10) Applying Students must have a Bachelor’s degree from the United States or Canada. Loma Linda is affiliated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and thus preference is given […]

How Premeds Can be Empathetic

Many times I have heard my premed classmates boast how difficult their science classes and make fun of other students who complain about non-science coursework. Every time I hear this, I am disheartened to learn that these physician-hopefuls lack empathy on the pathway to a career that demands it. Although the effects of empathy are […]

Why was I rejected from medical school?

Now that I have been rejected from all the medical schools to which I applied, I have begun to create a game plan for re-applying. First, I made myself feel a little better by looking at some statistics. Only 43%* of all medical school applicants matriculated; thus, there must be many other students in the […]


The most dreaded part of the application process is receiving notification that you have been rejected from medical school. Some schools make you wait months and others tell you within 8 days. Here is what happened with each of the schools to which I applied: Med School Email? Email Subject Postal mail Time to Reject […]

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