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End of the Road

I haven’t updated this blog in ages; almost an entire year has passed since I have sat down to write anything personal. The main reason for this is that I quit my postbac program. Quitting the program was a decision I made after having my sweet baby because I wasn’t comfortable with the caregiver I […]

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Everything I Learned in Internship

The following is part of a series of guest posts. Starting your first year of residency and looking for advice? Below are 12 animated gifs that represent the 12 lessons that Mike Moore, DO learned during the internship year (PGY-1) of his Family Medicine residency. Follow him on Twitter @MikeMooreDO! Lesson 1: “The best safety net […]

Pregnant & Premed: The Third Trimester

My due date is coming up in just about two weeks which means our world will be turned upside down! We’re probably not ready, but we’re definitely getting excited. I’ve been quite fortunate to have an uneventful pregnancy thus far. Here is how my third trimester went. Physically As the semester progressed I slowly became […]

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The Struggle Continues

Just when I thought I got into the groove of studying and doing amazingly well in my postbac I got hit by a double whammy of extreme fatigue from the third trimester and moving during exam week. I suppose that of the 12 types of procrastinators you could say that I am “the napper.” Also […]

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Poblano Chicken Curry

I have finally found a few cooking blogs that feature routinely delicious Indian dishes. Last week, I was inspired to make this Andhra Pepper Chicken recipe only to arrive at the store and find absolutely no suitably spicy peppers in the grocery store. Desperation lead to innovation and I tweaked Mareena’s recipe to make my […]

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Shadowing a Family Medicine Physician

Amazingly in just 8 months my postbac will be over and the time to submit applications to medical school will be here. With less than a year to go, making myself the “total premed package” will be top prority. Of course I will need to have rocking grades since this was the major deficit in […]

Second Chance

                                            The postbac started about a month and a half ago now, which feels like a long time ago and not that long ago at the same time. I started a study group at […]

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Why Enjoyment is Vital and How to Enjoy Studying

The following is part of a series of guest posts. Studying can be a real pain.  That’s why I used to avoid it at all possible moments until the night before the big test. Then, I would cram to pound every last morsel of information into my gray matter.  But since deciding to go to […]

Tips for Getting into Medical School

This week as a feature of my postbac program we had an information session with the assistant dean of admissions. This was very informative since it was essentially a question and answer session and left out all of the basic information that we already knew as reapplicants. Keep in mind that some of the information […]

The First Week

I started my postbac program on August 23rd! So far I’ve had a relatively smooth journey. Class has been surprisingly manageable. After screwing up undergrad I’m taking steps to make sure I don’t make mistakes this time. I’ve said it many times before, but this postbac is my last hope at medical school. Doing a […]

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