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Pregnant & Premed: The Third Trimester

December 21st, 2013  |  Published in Life

My due date is coming up in just about two weeks which means our world will be turned upside down! We’re probably not ready, but we’re definitely getting excited. I’ve been quite fortunate to have an uneventful pregnancy thus far. Here is how my third trimester went.


36 weeks pregnantAs the semester progressed I slowly became more giant; so giant that I could no longer squeeze into my normal jeans with a belly band without feeling like the un-zippable zipper was going to slice me open. I had no option but to begin wearing maternity pants all the time. I have about 3 pairs so people probably thought I was the weird girl obsessed with corduroy. We’ve had very little money all this while so all of my maternity clothes I either was given or found free online. Towards the end of the third trimester the shirts available to me where becoming more limited; in the mornings I would pull shirts on and then get in the car only to realize I had left about 3 inches of belly uncovered. I don’t think there were any People-of-Walmart incidents, but then again I can’t actually see below my belly button so who knows. I love wearing high heels, but after I did that for one day and ended up with horrible foot cramps I retired my high heels to the closet. Now I’ve reached the point where I can barely bend over to put on my shoes because the baby is so large. This means that I usually only wear boots since I can actually reach them to pull them on! The OB claimed that I don’t look very largewhen I was 37 weeks along, but that doesn’t mean I evaded the horror of stretch marks. They hurt like a sunburn and are ugly. Perusing PubMed I found no actual creams have been proven to remove stretch marks. I’ve been lathering on lotion with Vitamin E in it, but post-pregnancy I’m probably going to experiment with stretch mark cream that men use after working out (as long as they don’t taint breast milk or something.) My last complaint is that lecture hall seats are very small; I’m not sure how obese persons fit into those chairs with the desk that swings out in front of you. I couldn’t lay mine flat during finals week!


Although I have no clue what is ahead, I’m looking forward to finally meeting the baby! We finally picked a name for her yesterday which I’ll revael when she’s born! It’s finally feeling real. I’m also looking forward to no longer being a spectacle. People stare, people ask questions… One time our bus running late because a water main busted so our bus was waiting around for 10 minutes instead of going to the school. Once we got to campus my classmates leapt out of the bus to get to our biochemistry exam. Some girl in my class had the nerve to run to catch up with me and ask me “Are you pregnant, when you are due?” and then just disappear into thin air never to be seen again. It drives me crazy! The security guard at school asked me about the baby once but he was all pleasant and talked about his kids like he was genuinely interested. This girl was basically gathering info to satisfy her curiosity; I never had contact with her again. So weird. Another time, I fell asleep in the student center after an exam and I woke up to hear a gaggle of girls say something which sounded very suspiciously like “she’s definitely pregnant.” If I hadn’t just woken up and doubted my hearing I would have probably waddled over there and given them a piece of my mind. Gossip queens!

Beyond that, I’m mostly wondering how I am going to fare next semester. My grandmother is coming to help which is really great. Realistically I will only have to attend 2 hours of class in-person per day because about half of my classes are recorded. I’m a little nervous about starting my wintermester class so soon after the delivery, but I only have 1 hour of class per day. I’m sure I can handle it! Amusingly, the wintermester class is human embryology–so I’ll be studying human embryos right after I finished incubating mine. (Well technically she is called a fetus after the 12th week.) The class is supposed to be great; a lot of information to learn, but reputably an easy A. I’ve leafed through my Netter Atlas (the small spiral bound one) and there is a short chapter on human embryology so that should be a help.

Next semester I will be very busy with studies and the baby; I probably won’t be able to attend study group ever or as often as I would like. I’m skeptical they would Skype me in so I may have to reduce my study group time to once a week instead of thrice a week like we meet now! I can’t exactly bring a baby to the library…

Fortunately, going to school on a medical campus means there are lots of places to pump scattered all over the place–with hospital grade electric pumps. Although sneaking away to one of the multiple closets to hook myself up to the cow machine will be a little awkward, it’s much better than leaking through my shirts which is definitely unattractive and would probably get more stares than a pregnant belly. I also found out you can rent breast pumps for about ~$40/week which is a great deal.

Since my husband lost his job during this trimester, I’ve been strictly forbidding myself from going on a baby-stuff shopping binge. Using and Craigslist I found tons of amazing stuff for the baby (like a changing table, bassinet, and car seat!) This saved a lot of money, but now that the semester is over and the baby is almost here I can finally go on a shopping binge.

Graco Bassinet

One of the many baby necessities I got for free!

Not very much longer and we’ll be a family of three! My due date is December 23rd, but it looks like she’ll be late. More updates to come! I haven’t decided if I want to post pictures of her on the blog yet, but I will consider it.

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