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Free iPhone Apps for the MCAT

June 8th, 2012  |  Published in MCAT Prep  |  2 Comments

When studying for the MCAT, there is nothing better than a free resource!

Going to Med School researched completely free apps for the iPhone and these are the best ones.


1. MCAT Physics from Watermelon Express   [Cost: $0.00]

This application is great and free. It features practice questions in all physics subjects with detailed explanations for the answers. The application has a timer so you can practice your speed. Their MCAT-o-meter calculates your accuracy so you can identify your weaknesses in each subject area. Definitely great for the pre-med on the go!


Check out the app here.




2. MCAT Question a Day from Lee Siminov Services, LLC   [Cost $0.00]

Sometimes you get bogged down doing question after question on the MCAT. On those tired days, this app offers the perfect solution: one new MCAT question per day. If you can’t stop at one, you can browse through previous days’ questions. Of course you can review your stats and focus on the topics in which you struggle.


Download this app here.





3. MCAT General Chemistry from Erudite Diaspora, LLC [Cost $0.00]

MCAT General Chemistry Flashcards iPhone app screenshot When studying for the MCAT you’ll realize that one of the most important things you need beyond test taking skills is full knowledge of everything covered on the MCAT. Give your brain a boost and use this app’s general chemistry flashcards. The best feature of this app is that it uses a likert scale to so you can rate how well you know the information presented on each flashcard. The flashcards you recall the most will appear less often in the rotation; this method of prioritization is known as the Leitner method. Study all your flashcards the Leitner way for best results! Download this app in the iTunes store.





4. MCAT Chemistry Flashcards Lite from PALIANTech [Cost $0.00]

MCAT Chemistry Flashcards Lite screenshot

This app has flashcards for both general chemistry and organic chemistry. The downside is that you are forced to go through the flashcards in the same order every time and have no way of noting that you got the flashcards right or wrong. So when you stop studying at flashcard #10 you will have to scroll all the way through to flashcard #11 the next time you study. Nonetheless, the questions are well made and flashcards are a good study tool, especially if they are free! Check out this app here.




Seemingly free apps

Mc-Graw Hill MCAT app screenshotSome apps on appear to be free on the iPhone but this is just a façade. The McGraw Hill MCAT app is free, but you only get 10 free questions from all subjects, 25 short questions, and one free 20 question test.

The rest of the materials you have to buy, at $9.99 for over 110 questions in one subject (meaning about $40 for physics, chemistry, verbal, and biology) and $2.99 for each of these 4 other not-free tests. There are also cram sessions available which are $5 per section; it would cost about $25 to get every subject’s cram session.

The cost of everything available in this app is about $77; clearly not free! Although I have not bought these sections the material seems to be good quality. If you have money to burn and purchase any of the in-app features, comment below and let me know how it is! The app is available here.


  1. Aurangzaib Qumbrani says:

    April 21st, 2013at 9:18 am(#)

    You’ve got a pretty good list of MCAT apps for iOS devices. Well, I also wrote an article on MCAT apps, the list consists of 5 apps which I and my pre-med friends have used. I’m leaving the link below, I hope you and your readers will find it useful:

    Good day! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Isaacs says:

    April 21st, 2013at 8:20 pm(#)

    Thanks! I’m glad you shared this. Fortunately my time with MCAT prep is done for now, but I absolutely loved studying for the MCAT on my iPhone. You mentioned some good apps that I didn’t use!

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