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Volunteer Diary: Day 12

September 9th, 2011  |  Published in Volunteering

Another day of volunteering. I really hoped that I would have woken up early and have done more hours of volunteering than I did today. I only was able to squeeze in just barely 1.5 hours. Of course there was a laundry and oversleeping issue that prevented me from arriving earlier in the morning, and since my dad and I have planned lunchtime meet-ups, I had to leave at a certain time, whereas before I would have lolled around and helped for a tad longer. I also have an afternoon class, so I cannot stay at the hospital forever.

zombiesWe sometimes get crazy people in the hospital. Sometimes we have patients from the psychiatric ward across the street who are so wild that they have to be sedated in the emergency room. Once, there was one women who was so perturbed by some sort of incident at the hospital that she was raving mad. A male volunteer attempted to console her by offering the services of a chaplain; she refused, so he touched her in a friendly “there-there” type of way. I only heard about the incident as the volunteer mused with someone else about calling security, but I thought it was completely ridiculous. She may have been an atheist so she didn’t want a chaplain and was further enraged that religion was being forced on her, and she may be one of those people who do not like to be touched by strange men. Neither of these warrant her to be escorted away by security. But then again I wasn’t there so maybe she was foaming at the mouth and wielding a snapped spork as a makeshift shank.

There are more nurses working on our ward than usual, which is a little odd for me because it is so crowded all the time, yet we have the same number of patients as before. There are periodic investigations for “standards” in the hospital, most recently an environmental inquiry that stopped the nurses to ask silly questions such as “Do you know where the fire extinguisher is?” and ‘What do you do with a broken stretcher?” I always know when these sorts of things are happening because people in suits are wandering about.

I spent a decent part of my time restocking the refrigerator and creatively tearing/wrestling with cardboard boxes so as to make shelves to support the massive amount of beverages that we received. Then I got to go into the smelly biohazard dumpster room and throw away all of the boxes.

There were a few cheery patient discharges today, everyone was happy to go home and not traumatized by their surgery. So the day ended with some uplifting news and a delicious lunch with my dad.

But next week I am going to not be an alarm-clock-shutting-off-zombie!


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