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MCAT Scores

June 10th, 2011  |  Published in MCAT Prep

How is the MCAT scored?

Receiving Your Scores

After you take the MCAT, your scores will be available 30 to 35 days after your test date. Your scores will automatically be sent to schools that you applied to through the AMCAS; because of this your testing history (all of the MCATs you have taken) will also be sent to the schools you apply to through the AMCAS. There is no way to opt-out of this feature.

Sending Your Scores

You can also send your scores to:
1. your health-professions (pre-med adviser)
2. the Medical Minority Applicant Registry (Med-MAR)
3. the MCAT recruiting service

Electing to send your scores to the Medical Minority Applicant Registry (Med-MAR) which enhances admissions opportunities to individuals unrepresented in medicine. To be part of Med-MAR, there is no cost, but you must be a US citizen or permanent resident and a member of a race or ethnic group that is under-represented in US medicine and/or economically disadvantaged.

The MCAT recruiting service is a collection of nationally accredited medical schools that will look at the scores of examinees who elect to submit their score to this service, and send you literature to recruit you to go to their school.

How is the MCAT scored?

The physical science, biological science, and verbal reasoning sections are each scored on a scale of 1-15. Each question on these sections are worth different points; these raw scores are converted to the 1-15 point scale. None of the sections are worth more than the other, so if you get an 8 on physical science, and 8 on biological science, and a 10 on verbal reasoning, you would be equally skilled in biological and physical science, while your best subject would be verbal reasoning.

The writing sample contains two essays. Each essay is scored twice; the sum of the 4 scores forms your writing score. This raw score is converted to an alphabetical scale ranging from J (lowest) to T (highest). Two examinees who had the same numeric sum, even if the scores for the essays were different, would have the same alphabetical score. That is, a score of 1+3+6+6 (16) and 5+5+3+3 (16) would have the same alphabetic score.

Not happy with your scores? You can request a rescore of your exam, for a fee, as long as you request this within 30 days of taking the test.

For general inquiries related to any of these topics, contact the AAMC at, or (202) 828-0690. Their MCAT Resource Center is open Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm EST, with the exception of Wednesdays when they are open from 9 am–3 pm EST. In addition, they are also open during Saturday test days for limited hours. Phone wait times can be longer during the months of July to September. You should allow 2 business days for them to reply to your emails.

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